Step 1 - Input Process

Option 1 : Supplement Label Image Upload
Instructions: Upload the ingredient label from the supplement you wish to scan. Be sure to use a clear high resolution image from the supplement company’s website. Download the image or use a clear screen shot. Do not use cell phone camera photos as they may appear blurry or cut off text.


Option 2 : Manual Text or Copy and Paste
Instructions: Manually type in an ingredient or list of ingredients that you want to check against the banned substance list. Or you can copy and past the list of ingredients that is provided on a supplement company’s website when they do not post actual ingredient label images.

Step 2 - Proof Read and Edit

Instructions: If the label you use yields a lot of spell checking errors then the label has a low resolution and the text may not have been extracted 100% accurately. Either upload a clearer label, or compare the spelling warnings to the original label and make the corrections before hitting the “Scan for Banned Substances” button.
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